‘You Can Think I’m Crazy’: Idaho Golfer Takes to Twitter after UFO Sighting in Mexico – Idaho Statesmen

On February 6th of this year golf pro Graham DeLaet figured he’d experienced something rarer than a hole-in-one, according to Nicole Blanchard. DeLaet’s Twitter video wasn’t overwhelming, and some respondents persuaded him that the thing was a SpaceX rocket, but the incident seems to have energized a lot of people. Last year, a large number of people saw and photographed five objects cavorting in the afternoon sky above Mexico City’s Portales Metro Station, as detailed in Mexico: Hundreds Witness UFO Sighting in Tlalpan (2017). And Mexico’s participation in a worldwide “wave” more than a decade earlier is recounted by Alfonso Salazar in Mexico: The 1973 UFO Wave. (WM)

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