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As often happens when viewed through a series of press releases and news treatments, a new DNA study in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B of nine alleged “Yeti” samples obtained for an Icon Films television documentary and some known bear samples has rocked the media with claims that “Yetis are bears.” Science News concluded: “So much for the abominable snowman.” Of course, that dismissive attitude ignores the fact that the samples were biased to begin with and the conclusions were going to be about bears. On Facebook, Jeff Meldrum, Idaho State University Anthropology Department, said: “…to ignore the evidence suggesting a possible hominoid, while making dismissive statements based on questionable ‘yeti’ evidence readily attributable to bears is hardly an objective approach.” Cryptozoologists have always considered the yeti could be a species of bear, but there’s also evidence suggesting the existence of a smaller creature and even one the size of a human, all of which have been lumped together as the “Yeti.” (LC)

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