YEAR OF NIBIRU? Five shocking ways the world could END in 2018


END OF THE WORLD? We are long overdue a super volcanic eruption and a “big one” quake.

According to scores of Nibiru or Planet X believers, led by Christian fundamentalist David Meade, 2017 was the year it would make a close pass of the Earth, wiping us out.

So far, it looks like they were wrong, but what do the the Rapture revellers claim will happen in 2018?

Most “end times” prophecies are linked to fundamental Christian claims that an apocalyptical event will be caused by God, triggering the Rapture and the second coming of Christ.

Here are five ways it is predicted the world could end or millions of people could perish next year:

Volcanic super eruption:

A SUPER volcanic eruption could potentially happen at any time, and according to scientists, we are long overdue one.

Some scientists even claims volcanoes are the biggest threat to human survival.

A super eruption of one of the world’s mega volcanoes like Yellowstone in the USA could potentially create nuclear winter like effects, as toxic ash blocks

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