WORLD’S BEST UFO PICTURE? Some believe “Gulf Breeze” craft could be proof of aliens

It was released by building contractor Ed Walters along with others of what looked like circular UFOs over Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Mr Walters claimed he snapped the pictures from his back garden before handing them to local media in the area Pensacola News Journal reports.

It sparked a year-long skywatching campaign for further evidence by excited locals and visitors alike, in what became known as the “Gulf Breeze Sightings”.

More than 30 years on the subject still sparks debate about whether they were real or hoaxed.

Mr Walters claimed to take the pictures on November 11, 1987. 

George Williams is state section director of the Florida Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a national organisation which records and investigates UFO sightings.


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We still get reports of interesting stuff in the area. And in 1987, you had hundreds of

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