Where the Heck is the “UFO Message”? – UFO Conjectures

Rich Reynolds instances cases from Albert Rosales’ Humanoid Encounters collection of works and the Michael Swords/John Timmerman book Grassroots UFOs to show how nonsensical many human-reported contacts with supposedly sentient aliens seem to be. How can this be explained? Are there similarities in Special Cases–The Long Island File (63): A Letter to the Aliens? Do cumulative effects from the “usually evasive answers” to John Keel’s questioning of his purported ET/android contacts, and information communicated through intermediary Jaye Paro, shape Keel’s fertile imagination? In his zeal to understand the meaning and purpose behind the cryptic messages and even wackier reported alien actions does Keel invest coincidences in India, or “two bears running amok out west”, with special and unwarranted importance? (WM)

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