When You Die You Know You Are Dead: Major Study Shows Mind Still Works After The Body Shows No Signs Of Life – The Indep…

Old news for anomalists, but Sam Parnia’s maverick research has sparked mainstream media’s fascination with this phenomenon. The grain of salt? According to David MacLean all of Parnia’s subjects came back to tell their story. What of those who didn’t? David Oliver raises the stakes on The Reality Of Near-Death Experiences by sharing Barbara Bartolome’s near-death story. Not every brush with the afterlife features white light and angels, notes George Harrison. No, not that George Harrison. With the application of a little google-fu, George stumbled upon a Creepy Website Hosting People’s Memories Of The Afterlife After Near-Death Experiences. Appreciate our skepticism over the sudden signal boost surrounding NDEs, as Columbia Pictures/Sony hopes to astroturf buzz for their Flatliners reboot, currently languishing as 5% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. On the other tentacle, we implicitly trust Jim Harold’s interest in Consciousness And The Afterlife. Unlike normies, Jim’s coverage of this phenomena, and other forteana, goes way back. Plus Dr. Eben Alexander, Karen Newell, and Annie Mattingley join the fun, lending their expertise to the discussion of everything beyond the veil. (CS)

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