When Tiger Snakes Attack

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Wild creatures that camouflage in nature & a whole island covered with snakes. This is what happens when tiger snakes attack.

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Number 5 Louise Mahler
In November 2019, Louise Mahler was walking her dogs in Yarra Valley, in the Australian state of Victoria. She was looking up in the trees for koalas when she stumbled upon two large tiger snakes.
What Is It?
Tiger snakes are highly venomous reptiles belonging to the Notechis snake genus. Their average length is four feet but exceptionally large ones can reach up to seven feet. They have muscular, robust bodies and moderately deep heads that, for most species, are only slightly distinct from the body. These creatures vary in coloration according to season, age and the region where they’re found. The banded pattern, similar to that of a tiger’s, is among the most common and its where the snake gets its common name from.
Number 4 Luke Bartlett
As he was walking through his property in New South Wales, farmer Luke Bartlett was bitten twice in the foot by a tiger snake. The symptoms, however, affected him from head to toe. It didn’t take long before other symptoms began setting in.
Where Is It Located?
Tiger snakes are found in the south of Australia and its coastal islands, such as Tasmania, Kangaroo or Carnac. Populations are widely dispersed and several subspecies have been described according to the snake’s distribution. These include Tasmanian tiger snakes, Chappell Island tiger snakes as well as eastern and western tiger snakes. They’re often associated with a watery environment, such as swamps, creeks, lagoons, dams or drains. It’s been reported that they can remain underwater for up to nine minutes.
Number 3 Snakes of Carnac Island
Carnac Island, located just off Perth on Australia’s west coast, has a surface of only about 47 acres. Nevertheless, the island is home to hundreds of tiger snakes. Even though there’s no primary freshwater source these reptiles have adapted and actually thrive on the island. They’ve formed one of the densest island snake colonies on the planet. Visitors are advised to remain on the beach and not to approach the vegetation without proper protective equipment. This was most likely caused by birds pecking at their eyes in defense of their young. This type of behavior has only been observed on Carnac Island. No one knows for sure how the snakes got there in the first place or how they’ve adapted so well to Carnac’s harsh environment. One theory regarding the colony’s origin is that in 1929, a man named Lindsay Vane dumped his snake collection on the island after exhibitions were banned in Western Australia.
Number 2 Jamie Lind
Jamie Lind had been catching snakes without incident for over 8 years. In 2019, he was responding to a call in the city of Ararat when he encountered what he described as the biggest tiger snake he’d ever seen. Lind didn’t have the proper equipment to control the massive reptile. He tried to remove the snake but it bit him in the armpit as he raised it above his head. Lind and the homeowner administered first aid and called for help. Lind called his wife and children, told them he loved them and said goodbye. It took roughly forty minutes for first responders to arrive.
How to?
In case you encounter a tiger snake, don’t make any sudden moves and retreat slowly.
Number 1 Shane Tatti
In 2014, Shane Tatti was gardening on the banks of Snowy River in Victoria. At some point, the 27-year-old lifted some foliage and a large tiger snake bit him multiple times on his wrist.

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