When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

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Cheap plastic surgeries often go wrong! From unlicensed doctors & cheap deals to bad reactions, this is what happens when plastic surgery goes wrong!

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Number 9 Rajee Narinesingh
In 2003, Rajee Narinesingh began transitioning from male to female and subsequently opted for cheaper plastic surgery in order to feminize her appearance. Narinesingh would eventually learn that the doctor wasn’t licensed. Instead of silicone filler she’d got cosmetic injections with a mixture of cement, mineral oil and tire sealant while the holes were plugged up with glue. About eight months into getting the injections, Narinesingh’s body started experiencing adverse reactions. The substances began hardening under her skin and nodules were forming where the chemicals had been injected.
Number 8 Dawn Knight
The woman was essentially unable to close her eyes. She had to apply artificial tears to them every two hours to prevent them from drying out. Even though the surgery had been sold to Knight as a “lifetime aftercare package”, her improperly-insured surgeon subsequently claimed bankruptcy. Knight’s lawyers tried to reach him but she never heard from the surgeon again.
Number 7 Barrie Fairbairn
In 2005, Barrie Fairbairn from Leicester, England developed an infection from Bio-Alcamid filler. He was initially satisfied with the result but, after few months, decided to have another procedure at the London-based clinic. He was left with a small bruise on his nose but didn’t think much of it as he left the medical facility. Just a few hours later, Fairbairn was in agony. Fairbairn could reportedly peel parts of his nose right off. He was treated at the clinic for several weeks.
Number 6 Carol Bryan
In 2009, Carol Bryan decided to try dermal fillers to fix what doctors described as a loss of volume in her forehead. Just a few months later, Bryan could no longer recognize herself in the mirror. Her forehead had become swollen and it reportedly started to leak. The corrective procedures she had only made things worse. Her forehead got so heavy that Bryan couldn’t see unless she held it or taped it up. Bryan separated herself from her family and friends and hid from mirrors.
Number 5 Anne Ziegenhorn
In 1998, Florida woman Anne Ziegenhorn switched from silicone to saline implants which, unbeknownst to her, were held in silicone shells. Sores started growing on her body and she began to bruise easily. She felt lethargic to the point that she couldn’t even speak. Ziegenhorn saw over 23 doctors but no one could accurately determine what was wrong with her.
Number 4 Rachael Knappier
The 29-year-olds lips tripled in size and could touch her nose. She went to the emergency room where doctors told her that filler had been incorrectly injected into one of her arteries.
Number 3 In the Eye
The woman, who was reportedly in her sixties, soon started experiencing adverse effects stemming from the $20,000-dollar surgery. The oddest of them was the noise that her eyelids were making as she was closing them. The woman described it as “a sharp sound, like a tiny castanet snapping shut”. They found that bones had grown inside the woman’s eyelids and the surrounding tissue. The sound she’d heard was of them rubbing together as she tried to blink.
Number 2 Angela Pedrosa
Gluteal augmentations, commonly known as the Brazilian behind lifts have become increasingly more popular in recent years. The operation can be performed by transferring fat from other areas of the body or through the insertion of gluteal implants.
Number 1 Implant Protrudes out of Nose
Before long, the silicone implant started revealing itself from the top of her nose. She was basically left with a crater where a part of her nose used to be. The clinic responsible for the failed surgery had refused to help her.

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