When Executioner Wasps Attack

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Getting stung by large insects can be painful but the stinger of the executioner wasp is the worst in the wilderness. This is what happens when the executioners wasp attacks!

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Number 8 It’s native to South and Central America
This wasp is a large, yellow, and brown insect that can be found in countries ranging from Mexico to northern Argentina. These insects belong to the order hymenoptera, which also includes other species of wasps, bees, ants and sawflies. They tend to prefer coastal and humid locations and are prevalent in tropical forests. This species doesn’t seem to be particularly territorial, as their hives have often been found near other nests housing Polybia and Mischocyttarus wasps. Since they prefer tropical weather, the females hibernate during the winter. They become plumper and fuller during autumn, in order to withstand this period of stillness. The executioner wasp feeds mainly on caterpillars and nectar, but will prey on other small insects as well.
Number 7 It can sting more than once
Bees must carefully choose when to use it as they end up losing both their stingers and a great portion of their digestive tract.
Number 6 Their nests are often small and underpopulated
Though most wasp nests usually house up to 6000 individuals during the peak of summer, this wasp species prefers to keep its groups small and tight-knit. These hives tend to be around 3.5 inches in diameter and accept groups of 4 to 13 individuals. This particular type of wasp is sociable by nature, and their nests usually include several horizontal cells where their offspring are kept apart from the rest of the group. In the wild, they’ll choose low branches of spiky trees instead, with a preference for areas close to swamps. Their hives may be small but they are actually the largest among the neotropical wasp species.
Number 5 Only female wasps have stingers
There are many differences between male and female wasps. Not only are the males of the species usually smaller and thinner, but they actually have no stinger at all! These significant differences occur because the female’s anatomy has evolved in accordance to the extra weight and space required to carry the eggs, making their abdomen larger and more prominent. The reason they carry a stinger while males don’t, is related to their reproductive system. The ovipositor allows them to deposit the eggs to be fertilized and in turn, grants them their greatest mechanism. Even though a male wasp can’t actually sting you, sometimes they’ll mimic this act while defending themselves purely out of instinct.
Number 4 It has spiky mandibles
This wasp has short yet wide jaws outside their actual mouths, which they rely on for practical use during their daily chores. Working as tongs, these mandibles allow the wasp to cut pieces of vegetation, grab small objects or even dig sections of their hives while constructing them.
Number 3 Over 24 hours!
In 2015, a YouTube personality known as Coyote Peterson decided to conduct an experiment to test the physical effects that being stung by different insects had on the humans. He uploaded several videos to his channel, comparing different stings and the pain they produced. During the fall of 2018, Peterson decided to get stung by this type of wasp, which he claimed would be the last video he uploaded from this series.
Number 2 Schmidt sting pain index
Justin Schmidt was an entomologist born in the late 1940s, who won a Nobel Prize for physiology back in 2015. Schmidt claims to have been stung by the majority of Hymenoptera insects. Level one is the mildest and includes insects like the southern ant and most normal beetles. At the time Schmidt created his classification, this wasp hadn’t been discovered yet, and thus it doesn’t have a real position in the index.
Number 1
Since it’s a relatively small insect, the effect it has on an adult human being won’t be long-lasting, but the marks it leaves behind may very well be.

By Richard Bartz, Munich aka Makro Freak – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2576477

They Will Kill You

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