What Was It? Mystery Figure Filmed ‘Stalking Paranormal Researchers’ Near Stonehenge – Express

Crop circle investigators picked up an unsettling image on camera as they checked out a newly formed circle near Stonehenge. What looks an intergalactic snowman, or perhaps a stack of orbs, is clearly visible in the field beyond the circle, as if observing the researchers. As suddenly as it appears, it disappears. Maybe the aliens want to know what’s making those designs in the wheat fields, too. But if so, they’d best open their wallets. Frustrated Farmer Charges for Viewing Crop Circle. We seldom spare a thought towards the farmers who lose literal tons of wheat to crop circles every year. It doesn’t matter the origin, the end result is the same: large financial losses. So we think this farmer in Wiltshire is an innovator we can get behind. Now dig deep if you want to gawk. (CM)

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