WHAT ARE THEY? Bizarre huge silent triangle UFO sightings keep happening… now in UK

Triangle UFOs are being reported across the globe, but mainly in the USA.

Each time they are reportedly black in colour, of an enormous size, relatively low flying, at slow speeds and utterly silent.

Reports on underside lights can vary with one type having a light at each corner and a larger middle one.

The other type reported tends to have five or seven lights in a V shape along two of the sides.

Many witnesses report feeling a sense of fear or awe at the siting and sometimes numbness and memory loss.

The latest sighting reported to the Mutual UFO Network, a US database of UFO reports from across the globe, happened in Glasgow, in Scotland.

The witness, who has not been named by MUFON, said it happened at 9.40pm yesterday as he parked in his drive.


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