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Billy Cox’ summarizes the recent commentary on the December 16th revelations of a secret UFO study program and two F-18 gun-camera UFO videos, but fears that “the attention-challenged press will get bored soon enough, revert to form, and start sniffing around for more accessible VIP bedroom scandals.” Michigan paranormalist lecturer John E.L. Tenney puts additional perspective on all the “hullaballusion,” saying Flying Saucers are Real…Again. Tenney properly urges those interested in UFOs not lose their heads in giddy expectations of “Full Disclosure” because “Our field of interest and study is so mired in misconceptions by the general public.” Point taken. Jon Rappoport draws upon Jon Austin’s UK Express article and Henry Brean’s Las Vegas Review-Journal piece to ask What about the UFO Metal No One Can Analyze? That’s also been on Jason Colavito’s mind, and the result is his Experts Weigh in on the Alleged UFO “Alien” Metal Alloys. He’s seconding Tenney’s point about ufologists, who’ve misdoubted government truthfulness in so many other things, ecstatically trumpeting imminent “disclosure.” But Colavito has not exhausted the December 16th mine yet, as shown in his Pentagon UFO Flap Fallout: God and Satan Battle for Control of UFO Beliefs. Colavito refers to a weekend New York Times column by Ross Douthat that has raised the hackles of a few ufologists. Much of this reflects a comment former Senator Harry Reid made about the cancellation of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program being driven in part, says investigative reporter George Knapp, by “fear based on religious beliefs of those who felt UFOs might be satanic,” a subject that Nick Redfern also takes up in “Satanic UFOsâ€� and that U.S. Government UFO Study. Redfern, of course, dealt extensively with the belief in satanic UFOs by some members of the government in Final Events, published by Anomalist Books. (WM)

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