Was Schapelle Corby Innocent?

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This video is about the mysterious life of Schapelle Corby & the allegations made about her trip to Bali. So, was Schapelle Corby really innocent?

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Attributions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schapelle_Corby#/media/File:Schapelle_Corby_support_in_Katoomba.jpg

Corby’s case would generate a number of theories and unanswered questions, including whether she had previous knowledge of who they were meant for. She was released in 2014, after 9 years.

Schapelle Corby was born in the Australian state of Queensland, in a suburb called Tugun. Her parents divorced when she was a baby. Aside from her brother and sister, she had three step siblings from her mother’s subsequent marriages. Corby dropped out of high school when she was a sophomore and enrolled in a part-time beauty course. She got married to a Japanese man, Kim Tanaka, in 1998, and lived in Omaezaki for a few years. The marriage, however, didn’t last and their divorce was finalized in 2003. Upon returning to Australia, Corby had a stopover in Bali. She’d been to Bali several times before since she was 16, and it had also been a stopover on her way to or from Japan.

In October, 2004, Corby flew to Bali to visit her sister, Mercedes. She flew from Brisbane to Bali, transiting in Sydney, and was accompanied by two friends and her stepbrother. There’ve been conflicting testimonies on how the interaction between Corby and the customs officials took place. Corby said she opened the bag herself, while four employees claimed, that she tried to stop one of them from opening the compartment in which they were found. According to them, she’d said “I have some…” This provided them with what they needed to proceed with the case. Corby’s travelling companions said they’d seen her pack the bag herself and that it contained only her flippers and bodyboard.

They argued that the bag was Corby’s and that she was fully aware of its contents while she claimed they were planted. This theory was supported by John Patrick Ford. He was taken to Indonesia and testified for Corby. He claimed that he’d overheard a conversation in which they ended up in her bag by mistake. He added that they belonged to a man called Ron Vigenser, who later denied the claim. Corby’s side asked for the footage from the airport’s CCTV cameras to be examined in court, but, according to Corby’s mother, it was never presented. At Brisbane Airport, the bags belonging to Corby and her companions hadn’t been weighed individually. Corby had asked in Bali to record the weight of her bags. The argument was that the difference in weight would have proven that it was added after she’d checked her bags. However, her request was denied. Despite their request, fingerprinting was never carried out.

In April 2005, Corby said “I cannot admit to something I did not do. And to the judges, my life at the moment is in your hands, but I would prefer if my life was in your hearts.” She then declared her innocence in Indonesian.

Corby shared a block with 85 other women. There were talks between the Australian and Indonesian governments of a potential swap, which could have included Corby, but it never happened.

There’ve been a number of claims and theories regarding Schapelle Corby. One investigative journalist released a book alleging that they actually belonged to Schapelle’s father, Michael Corby. Schapelle had thus become a piece of her father’s operation. Jodi Power, a woman who’d lived with Mercedes Corby in Bali, also made several allegations. During a paid interview for an Australian program called “Today Tonight,” she claimed that Mercedes had previously asked her to take some to Bali.

Schapelle Corby’s case received a lot of media attention, particularly in Australia and New Zealand but also in Japan and the United States. After, a campaign entitled “Free Schapelle” started to gain traction in Australia and 100,000 people signed a petition for her release. In 2006, Corby released a book entitled “My Story,” which sold over 100,000 copies. The media would closely follow and eagerly report on any development regarding her trial as she became a celebrity in Australia. Ultimately public opinion became more split, even though initially it leaned in favor of her innocence. As of the making of this video, Schapelle Corby is still living in Australia. In January, 2018, she released a pop song called “Palm Trees” on Instagram, along with singer Nat Zeleny. It featured a homemade video with photos of Corby taken after her return to Queensland.

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