Was Gerry Irwin a UFO Abductee? – Shattered Reality

In the absence of co-host Kate Valentine, Fahrusha conducted a very substantive interview with David Booher, author of No Return: The Gerry Irwin Story, UFO Abduction or Covert Operation?. Fahrusha clearly did her prep work, and it was especially gratifying that she noted straight off how well written was this strange tale of a weird 1959 event, its aftermath, and the re-opening of this “cold case.” From about 1962 until just recently, Gerry Irwin’s story was of a young army soldier who saw something like a meteor or flaming plane apparently crash one lonely February night in Utah as he was returning to his base in Texas. Upon his going to investigate, Irwin experienced a series of confused, frightening, and profoundly mysterious events, apparently terminating with the soldier’s complete disappearance. With Fahrusha’s inserting key observations occasionally, Booher relates dramatic new facts he discovered and some theories he probed to round out the story to the present. (WM)

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