Voynich Manuscript Has Finally Been Decoded – Ars Technica

After nearly 600 years Earth’s most mysterious document’s been deciphered, but the message isn’t “Drink More Ovaltine”. Nicholas Gibbs confided in Annalee Newitz how the manuscript is a collection of… feminine hygiene tips? Not everyone’s sold on the proclaimation of The Voynich Manuscript Is Solved, like Klaus Schmeh, since the article in question is light on evidence, methodology, and peer-review. Another confoundingly encrypted document is making headlines as Tim Binnall’s learned the Mysterious ‘Devil’s Letter’ Has Been Decoded. These fifteen lines appear to be a theological thesis worthy of further inquiry. Fortunately for EsoterX, he didn’t have to decipher the court records associated with the Trial Of A Sorcerous Swiss Rooster. And unlike the pronouncement about the Voynich Manuscript this story doesn’t lay an egg, but the rooster does. Taking a left turn at Albuquerque, if you’re concerned about being gangbanged by pandaemonium, Paul Seaburn has your number. Father Cataldo Migliazzo, the Famous Exorcist Performing Group Demon Removals in Sicily every Tuesday with special volume discounts. (CS)

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