Virginia witness describes silent triangle

Witness illustration. (Credit: MUFON) by Roger Marsh

​A Virginia witness at Chesapeake reported a triangle-shaped object flying at 500 feet that appeared to cloak itself and disappear, according to testimony in Case 81613.

The witness was outside star gazing at 8:05 p.m. on January 18, 2017, when the incident began.

“It was flying low, maybe around 500 feet or so, almost directly over my house,” the witness stated. “It was triangular in shape and had three lights near each angle. It was traveling at approximately 100-200 mph and I was only observing it for approximately five seconds before it faded away in what appeared to be it cloaking itself.”
​The witness described the object.

“When it was visible, it seemed like it was already semi-cloaked, and the three lights were not bright, but still visible enough to where I could make out its triangular shape and exact placement of its lights. This

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