“Universally Preferable Behaviour – Debunked (Stefan Molyneux Refuted)” – REBUTTED

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Stefan Molyneux YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

“Over the last five years Stefan Molyneux has risen to fame, and while I personally enjoy a lot of his content, I maintain that a great many of his assertions are disastrously flawed… and his Universally Preferable Behaviour (otherwise known as UPB) is one of them. What follows is a refutation of the Five Proofs that Molyneux offers, and hence, this is Universally Preferable Behaviour Debunked!

As promised within the video, here’s a link to Common Sense Atheism’s review of UPB (of which I found very useful in my research, and I highly recommend). Give him/her some love! http://commonsenseatheism.com/?p=75

For a detailed explanation of the flaws and fallacies within Molyneux’s Five Proofs, please watch the video, but if you just want a brief announcement of some of the flaws, they are as follows:

The First Proof is flawed because:

• Premise two is a False Premise.

The Second Proof is flawed because:

• Premise one is Begging the Question, and;
• Premise four unjustifiably smuggles in the word “acceptance”.

The Third Proof is flawed because:

• Premise two is Begging the Question;
• Premise three is a False Premise, and;
• Premise four is a False Premise.

The Fourth Proof is flawed because:

• Premise one is either pedantic or a False Premise;
• Premise three commits an Ambiguity Fallacy, and;
• Premise four is a Non Sequitur.

And finally (thanks for sticking around people!), the Fifth Proof is flawed because:

• Premise one is Begging the Question, and;
• Premise two is Arbitrarily Assigning Significance”

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Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux

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