Unidentified Submarine Objects in Argentina–A Conspiracy? – Inexplicata

Luis Burgos’ article reflects the anguish of a nation grieving in the wake of the loss of 44 lives and the submarine ARA San Juan at sea on November 15. Burgos asks some hard questions of Argentina’s policy makers, both from a military preparedness standpoint and from a matter he feels still as unsettled as is the tragedy’s cause: what motives are guiding the participants in the search efforts? But what makes this article germane from an anomalies viewpoint is the–albeit slight–chance that the San Juan met its fate due to an exotic encounter. Burgos relates the surprisingly rich history of USOs (Unidentified Submarine Objects) in Argentinian waters from 1947 to the present. He concludes that “the existence of an unknown intelligence operating under the waters…is far from being a mere hypothesis and more of a fact.” (WM)

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