UFO SENSATION: Were lights from alien flying saucer which beamed to Earth caught on film?

The eerie picture was posted to online discussion forum reddit by a poster who claimed to have been given a set of images by their boss, who said he saw a craft hovering above his car before he began snapping.

The poster, a confirmed conspiracy theorist, claimed the pictures were taken around 20 years ago in a remote area near Glen Harbour in northern Michigan, USA, at 2.30am.

It was after the boss’s car “suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree”, he claimed. 

The pictures show what look like beams of light either coming down into or rising up from an area of white smoke of mist behind some trees set back from a road.


The mysterious light beams (left) compared to a CGI of a UFO with light beaming down.

The poster wrote: “He described this insane light and shrieking noise that hurt his ears and he’s going on and on and I’m waiting for him to laugh and be all like gotcha!

“He said he got out and this craft was hovering over

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