UFO Researcher Jacques Vallee on the Skeptiko Podcast – Daily Grail

Greg Taylor points to a fascinating little story told by Jacques Vallee when he was sitting across from Uri Geller at SRI decades ago. Uri offered to do a telepathy test, but Jacques, instead of concentrating on the image in the envelop as he was supposed to, decided on some imagery of his own. And wouldn’t you know it, Uri nailed it. Hard to explain, as is this story: The Secret Cuban Weapon Blamed For Hurting US Diplomats Sounds Unlikely, Experts Say. As Robert Bartholomew, author of Outbreak! The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior points out, the chances of this being mass hysteria is certainly possible, “as most of the symptoms are headaches and dizziness.” The most serious case, described as “mild traumatic brain injury,” could be entirely unrelated. (PH)

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