UFO Reported near Augusta, Georgia – Baltimore Post-Examiner

Reporter Anthony C. Hayes contributes a factual and very fairly written article concerning a recent nighttime sighting of an apparently wedge-shaped object flying over Grovetown, Georgia. What’s more, the writer obviously took some time and effort to speak with Georgia MUFON personnel, and tied these efforts in with Maryland area investigators and the Mysteries of Space and Sky Conference to be held on October 21st in Gambrills, Maryland. UK’s Daily Mirror furnishes a different sort of article with “Definitely Looks Extra-terrestrial!” Weird Flashes of Light with No Thunder over Los Angeles Perplex Scientists. The “Scientists” don’t seem to be identified in the article, and the commentary in the video isn’t extraordinarily high-level, either. Reporter Rebecca Taylor adds short references to a recent Mirror article about researcher Kathleen Marden and the UFO experience her aunt and uncle Betty and Barney Hill had in 1961 New Hampshire, and a more recent, explained Utah sighting on September 16th. This event is covered in Strange Lights Spotted in Sky above Salt Lake City. Those lights were likely a Navy parachute team performing for the University of Utah football crowd. We also have More Lights Dancing around Sky in UFO Video, This Time in Great Britain. Alejandro Rojas thinks the September 18 video from Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland shows drones, though the witness thought the light sources moved too “effortlessly” for them. Rojas furnishes a video of a UK drone competition along with the witness video for reader contemplation. With no more definition available, we’d vote drones, too. (WM)

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