U.S. Military Interest In The Paranormal With John B. Alexander – New Thinking Allowed

Does John Alexander speak the truth about his paranormal experiences? The written word only goes so far, while hearing John talk about his extraordinary experiences lend a chilling dimension to his accounts. Set a spell with Jeffrey Mishlove and bear witness to stories they don’t want you to hear. Maybe pick up a copy of Reality Denied (UK/AU) for the holidays. Clues to outre phenomenon and secrets continue bubbling to the surface in the form of Chirps, Hums And Phantom Noises. Avi Selk peels away the layers to illustrate how bizarre events in Cuba changed embassy workers’s brains over the last two years. With so many voices weighing in on the events surrounding the U.S. Embassy in Cuba, even the paranormal can not be dismissed as a factor. Maybe our puny minds need some help, as Ashley Knibb suggests with the rise of machine learning. Cound Artificial Intelligence Help Understand Paranormal Experiences? Chew on Ashley’s proposal for a while, then consider how an artificial intelligence’s concept of paranormal phenomena could be orthogonal to our own. (CS)

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