Truth Equals Isolation?

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Question: “I’m 22 and from England, I’m engaged, and my partner and I are very happy. My life plans consist of starting a family reasonably soon and leaving my work behind in favor of being a stay at home mum. The problem is, in choosing this life, I’ve pushed away almost all family members and friends. I haven’t been completely rejected, but I have horrified and disgusted everyone I know with my decision to reject a university offer in favor supporting my partner rather than competing with him. I have been called reckless and stupid, or the other way and they’ve called me a lazy leech. The sheer abundance and hostility I have been met with has made me question myself and my decisions because it is highly unlikely that I alone am correct and literally everybody else is wrong. Do you have any advice for the average person trying to start and keep a stable family in a world that’s so hellbent on destroying it? Surely isolation cannot be the answer?”

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