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October 10, 2017 is the date of the most important announcement in recent ufology–or utterly not. Your judgment may depend upon whom you believe regarding Tom DeLonge’s Wednesday launch of a new Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to solving the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena enigma for the benefit of humankind. Alejandro Rojas’ article is a good place to start for the general background to the announcement and a sketch of some of its main points. Then, Watch Tom DeLonge’s To the Stars Academy UFO Press Conference Here. It is the “must see” primary source against which subsequent arguments pro and con should be evaluated. For detailed reference, the Transcript of To the Stars Academy Press Conference is an auto-transcribed effort and it’s promised to “be adjusted and corrected over time.” Initial reactions have been interesting. Arch-Skeptic Robert Sheaffer offers his perspective with At Longe Last–Tom DeLonge’s Dramatic UFO Announcement!! Leslie Kean, whose Huffington Post article of the 10th we covered yesterday, defends her thesis that a watershed event has in fact occurred with Fmr. Manager of DOD Aerospace Threat Program: “UFOs are Real.” Kean’s Facebook page articulates this position more strongly: “This [“the head of a secret UFO program at the DOD…has stated for the world to hear, that UFOs are unquestionably real”] is as close to official ‘disclosure’ as we have come since the close of Project Blue Book.” Disclosure advocate and Paradigm Research Group’s Executive Director Stephen Bassett, whom one might have expected to feel “job insecurity” qualms, has been very supportive at Major Announcement from Tom DeLonge and The Insiders Make Their Move. The whole affair is multifarious and very nuanced, and a truly fair evaluation of just what did happen today may only come if time shows whether the initiative produced tangible results. (WM)

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