Time travel SHOCK PROOF? Man shows ‘pic of Los Angeles UNDERWATER in year 5000’

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Daily Express

The video, posted on the ApexTV YouTube channel, shows a man called Edward describing how he came to be a time traveller while sitting in an Armenian park.

While he recounts his story, his face is hidden and his voice is distorted.

Edward claims he was involved in a top secret experiment in 2004 that allowed him the opportunity to visit the future.

In the interview, Edward pulls out a photo from his jacket that he says he visited 3,000 years in the future.


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The photo displays Los Angeles under water, Edward claims.

He said: “I appeared to place. It was unbelievable.

“I was standing on a huge wooden platform. Not only me, houses, building or course all made from wood.

“And after, I realised it was the same city, Los Angeles, but under water.”

The world

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