This Guy Has Been Tirelessly Documenting The Ghost Haunting His NYC Apartment – Gothamist

Confession: When we started to read this piece, our sole intention was to find reasons to mock it. Instead, (and rightly so) we found ourselves entirely creeped out. This is just a spooky story–true or not, we can’t say. But we’re going to store any rocking chairs down in the basement and lock the door, just to be safe. At least we don’t have to personally deal with The Haunting of Donald J. Trump. The paranormal group who spent time in the very early childhood home of Mr. Trump wasn’t so lucky. Their senses were assaulted by poor taste and stale memories, and possibly a secret deceased sibling that Donny never met. And while you’re pondering the thought of a Trump ghost haunting your house, we’ll break up the trauma with 5 Eerie Scenes Caught on Camera. In a repeat of how we started today, we were prepared to mock the images on the video. Instead, we found ourselves drawing the blinds shut tightly. Admittedly, videos can be hoaxed easily enough, but there is a definite chilling quality to what is presented. Enjoy. (CM)

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