The World’s Top UFO Experts ‘Are being Murdered, One by One’, Conspiracy Theorists Claim – Metro

The 29-minute, two-person video discussion that is the focal point of this article claims ufology is the most dangerous job in the world, basically because there is/are some agency/ies out there killing important people in various ways. The dialogue seems a confusion of at least three sources, from 1971, 1997, and 2009. The original article on this topic was said to be written by Otto Binder, yet most of the names lead discussant John Ventre next mentions are of people who died well after Binder’s passing in 1974. Familiar illnesses such as heart attacks and fast-acting cancers become suspicious if they happened to ufologists; “ufologists” apparently include such people as Captain Edward Ruppelt, James Forrestal, and Pope John I (died 526 AD); and microbiologist deaths are included in supporting the ufology thesis without any real connection. Numbers of deaths are presented without reference to the total (and likely unknown) numbers of ufologists who could have died in the time periods being discussed. Near the video’s end, the conversation veers off-topic: Mr. Ventre claims he knows what is in the Ark of the Covenant–and can prove it, and that at the end of the world aliens will come and remove the earthly Christian “Resistance Movement” to their ongoing deception, but God will be blamed for this mass abduction. There just might be better uses for a half-hour of one’s life than this particular “read and watch”. This Metro article has also caught the attention of Jason Colavito, who says Is There a Conspiracy to Murder Ufologists? Math Suggests Not. Colavito notes the flaws in the larger article, but the embedded video’s dissection is somewhat confused, reflecting the presentation’s source use issues. Nonetheless, the statistical points Colavito makes are generally sound. (WM)

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