The Wonder at Wanaque: Is a 50-Year-Old UFO Photo from New Jersey One of the Best Ever Taken? – UFO Explorations

Anthony Bragalia reveals a never-before-published photo and reports on the photographer’s identity and certain features on the image, again both public “firsts” for this interesting December 1966 case. Bragalia also provides detailed information about the people most involved with this sighting and its photos. About 100 miles’ distance and eight months after the Wanaque event, John Keel is recording his further adventures with the local contactees and their alien/android friends. With Special Cases–The Long Island File (59): Gerda, Joe, and a Letter from Apol, we see Keel’s girlfriend, Gerda, experiencing odd happenings related to the alien Apol and his ilk. An occurrence slightly nearer the present is marked by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in Pascagoula Alien Abduction Incident Anniversary. Local Fox News reporter Gina Tomlinson and her video camera person had some fun shooting the piece, but give us a largely straightforward exposition. The video features a person who was present when Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker came into the Jackson County, Mississippi, sheriff’s department for questioning after their outlandish experience. The former deputy’s account shows why this particular 1973 event is regarded with the credibility it has in ufological circles. (WM)

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