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Spiritualists are considered to be touched by an outside agency. In the 19th century, however, quacks and eggheads saw fit to declare them “touched in the head” whereupon they’d wind up in the funny farm. Among the many defenses, enumerated by the celebrated Chris Woodyard, is admission for observation and proving ’em wrong. Sometimes converting skeptics in the process. Goodness knows what doctors would say about Satish Kumar. He’s the Retired Delhi Police Officer Who Gained Fame As A Godman, curing people of polio and cancer. Who needs universal healthcare? Let’s open the borders to more healers like this guy! Instead of doctors, talented people are facing off with pseudoskeptics and positivists more interested in the status quo than humoring intriguing data. Instead these pundits, and entitled bloggers, twist the data to push agendas with offhand snark. Enter Paul H. Smith hell-bent on Deflecting A Cheap Shot from Muckrock and their ignorance with remote viewing and data from viewing Nazca. Why should you believe? Paul was in Project Stargate. (CS)

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