The TRUTH about Iran & Iraq w/ Rania Khalek

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Rania Khalek, journalist
Mike Monetta

Rania Khalek comes on to explain what’s happening at the moment in Iraq and Iran. She’s a journalist based in Lebanon whose work is focused on the Middle East. Lee and Khalek review the action from the last week and she fills in the details that haven’t been widely published by media in the US. They destroy the idea that General Soleimani, the man credited with crushing ISIS in the region, was a terrorist. She also provides context on how Iran has been demonized by the US.

In the second half of the show Lee speaks with Mike Monetta, the executive director of Wolf-PAC. Wolf-PAC is a political action committee that works on getting the influence of big money donors out of US politics. This is a major issue corrupting democracy in the US. They discuss the best way to achieve Wolf-PAC’s goals, the main obstacles in their way, and which states have already done good work on the issue. Anders Lee finishes off the show with a new segment called ‘Fact Jackers.’ This week he dismantles the myth, spread by VP Joe Biden, that Biden has been a defender of Social Security and Medicaid throughout his career.


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