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Consciousness, not space, is the final frontier. The latter is limited by technology while the former is limited by our materialist conceits. It’s a big deal when mainstream media pay attention to often dismissed woo, and Jessica Cohen gives Dean Radin a fair shake while throwing shade on institutions hoping to censor his groundbreaking studies and their findings. A touch less esoteric is Paul Seaburn’s analysis of a Test Of ‘God Helmet’ At A Music Fest Yields Strange Results, but how much was a mixture of boozy spirits and celestial spirits? The intersection of music and consciousness is provocative for Peter Hankins, ruminating upon the Secret Harmonies which make all of us tick. Yet if music moves us, electromagnetic stimulation puts us in the presence of the ineffable as we collapse wave functions, Thomas Metzinger wants you to ask yourself, “Are You Sleepwalking Now? You’ll be surprised at how much you’re running on automatic. (CS)

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