The JFK Assassination Conspiracy – Two Different Points of View

In this double feature on the John F. Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy, two different points of view are given by two different speakers………….

Gary Shaw, assassination expert and author of “Cover-Up: The Government Conspiracy to Conceal the Facts About the Public Execution of John Kennedy” (1976) and former CIA case officer John R Stockwell.

In the first program we focus on the nature of the massive and complex conspiracy to shoot the president and on how many individuals and organizations fit into the puzzle: Oswald, Ruby, the CIA, Mafia, FBI, Secret Service, Navy and civilian medical personnel, local police, the Cuban exiles, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, and Fidel Castro.

In the second program former CIA case officer John R Stockwell and
assassination expert and author Gary Shaw discuss the cover-up of the assassination of JFK. This took two forms. The first was part of the conspiracy of the actual shooting. The second was that carried out by the American ruling Establishment as indicated by the activities of the Warren Commission, FBI, other organizations and individuals of the federal government, and the mass media. Additionally, we review the many new books which have been written recently about the assassination.

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