“The Impossible Mughal Spheres” ~ Ancient Alien Maps?

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The Mughal Empire. an ancient “Gurkani” empire that was located within the Indian subcontinent.
Founded in 1526, a tremendous amount of information regarding this group of warriors has subsequently been unearthed over the centuries.
A wealth of archaeological information, which has offered a glimpse far back into our distant past, revealing many things about this ancient people, which for a time, was lost in antiquity.
However, although extensive archaeological exploration has unravelled many of the Mughals mysterious existence, there remains a most perplexing enigma.
In the 1980s, Smithsonian historian Emilie Savage-Smith, embarked on a journey, to acquire a set of perplexing ancient artefacts, now known as “celestial spheres.”
Plotted upon the underside of a dome or a hemispherical screen, the celestial sphere is a practical tool for astronomy even to this day, allowing the observers to plot positions of objects in the sky when distances are unknown or trivial.
Most as one would presume, display a primitive understanding of astronomical arrangements, however, some reluctantly revealed to the academic word, and since quietly archived, away from inquisitive souls, have stumped all who have attempted to explain them, based solely upon modern historical conformities.
The majority of celestial spheres acquired, can be catalogued as two distinct types; seamed spheres, and there more elaborate, thus greatly more problematic counterparts, seamless spheres.
Seamed spheres are, or were, made by moulding two halves of the sphere separately and then soldering them together. The artisans and astronomers would then collaboratively engrave the surface.
Seamless spheres, however, are another thing entirely;
Up until Savage-Smith made her discovery, it was thought by virtually all within the academic community, including metallurgists the world over, that all examples of hollow metal celestial spheres were of the seamed type.
This owing to the long held belief that creating seamless hollow metal spheres was impossible.
As it turns out, it isn’t…
The most exquisite surviving example of a hollow, seamless celestial sphere, is one that was said to have been made by a Mughal metallurgical master, named Muhammad Salih Tahtawi in 1631.
Although conveniently, it is unknown just how he figured out how to make the sphere, or indeed fill it accurately with astronomical information we have only recently confirmed as accurate.
It makes one wonder just how did he learn such a technique, if of course it was he who created it…
With no evidence to suggest that the Moghuls could have even cast the bronze needed to create the sphere, you have to wonder, Just where did they get this information from?
Were the ancient Mughals visited by a race of ancient extra-terrestrial beings?
Did they discover a relic, an artefact left by a vastly more ancient lost civilization which they claimed as their own?
Unfortunately, the subject of seamless celestial spheres is little known within mainstream antiquity, and as such, in the few places they are discussed, the facts are often distorted or even completely made up.
They are most certainly out of place artefacts which some have attempted to brush beneath a rug of convolution, we always perceive this method of concealment to be strong evidence of a conspiracy.
Just who could have made the Mughal celestial spheres?
And more importantly, how did they make them?
Perhaps one day, we will find out the truth.

Mystery History

Mystery History

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