The Gift Of Prophecy – Multo Ghost

Many returning from the other side find themselves gifted with wild talents, and ‘nzumel’ saw them manifest in her Lolo. Mingling skepticism with a very human story, it’s enough to make anyone want to believe. There is a third option for those brushing shoulders with the Grim Reaper, after a fashion, leading Zaria Gorvett to investigate The Mystery Of Why Some People Become Sudden Geniuses after brain injuries. Those possessing these gifts might not realize what they’re getting into. Nick Redfern shares a cautionary tale of The Deadly Game Of Remote Viewing. Then again, any time someone’s involved with the CIA or KGB there’s bound to be a few corpses cooling on a slab. Don’t despair if you lack the knack for the miraculous, as the simple act of Holding Your Partner’s Hand Can Ease Their Pain. For the grayfaces monitoring us, Pavel Goldstein has plenty of numbers to crunch, and studies to review, in support of this radical thesis. (CS)

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