The Alien Who Needed a New Head – Bizarre and Grotesque

Tristan Shaw’s got another one of those quirky humanoid stories from Japan that you’ve got to read and…well…enjoy, if not believe. Make sure you follow his side links to the “Kofu Incident” and the “Nikoro Incident,” as well. On the John Keel front, Keelian site master Doug Skinner has another installment in Special Cases–The Long Island File (75): A Letter from Jim Moseley. Now Skinner is assuming the “Dear John” letter is from Moseley, and he’s probably right. The letter mostly concerns the strange goings-on surrounding the Reverend Anthony G. De Polo, and he is apparently one fascinating and quirky human. His wife seems none too happy with those doings, but the story’s got a lot to it. (WM)

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