Tell Us A Ghost Story, Mummy: Khonsuemheb And The Whiny Ghost – EsoterX

He’s ba-aa-ack! Despite reports of ostracization, EsoterX comes bearing gifts from the darkest curiosity shops run by centenarian Asians. The best laid schemes of ancient Egyptian beer meisters gang aft agley when they try to help a spook, with unexpected consequences. Khonsuemheb had good intentions, but everyone knows those make the finest paving material this side of paradise. Other souls resign themselves to rocks, similar to those found by Paul Cropper upon investigating a Stone Throwing Poltergeist Tormenting A Zimbabwe Family. Bringing us to Tim Binnall’s dirty little secret: his fancy-pants doll collection. He’s negotiating the purchase of a unique addition to his tea party, one notorious for exuding the “heebie-jeebies” in person and through photographs. Can You Feel This Haunted Doll? We certainly did, but that might be last night’s pizza and bourbon. (CS)

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