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Here are four articles where opinion and/or belief outweigh facts even more heavily than usual. First, Nick Redfern speculates upon cases where documentation likely exists on anomalous subjects, but so far efforts to pry it out of whomever owns it have produced no results. With Small Town Monsters Case Files #1: Indrid Cold Red Pill Junkie introduces a “case files” clip on one of the strangest sidelights to the 1950s-1960s contactee era. Alien, “Man-in-Black,” archetypical “Trickster,” or just plain weirdo human, Indrid Cold certainly is a fascinating character. Paul Seaburn tells us about Shocking Revelations in New Book about UFOs in the Bible. Retired Presbyterian pastor Barry Downing’s new book is termed “both an update and a sequel to the first.” Downing’s first book, The Bible and Flying Saucers, was published in 1968 and saw a positive message in Ancient Astronauts as the angelic hands of God’s will and intervention in human affairs. The current book, Biblical UFO Revelations, doesn’t sound all that different in tone, and maybe not in specifics, per Paul’s article. In Barry Downing is Promoting Recycled Bible-UFO Claims from the 1950s Jason Colavito is absolutely certain that Downing is plowing the same furrow, and one that in key instances was planted by others. Colavito surely thinks this case of “recycling” is not a Good Thing. (WM)

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