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A Freedomain listener struggles to break his addiction to dangerous hot women…


Hello, Stefan.

My brother and I were home-schooled together by our Protestant Christian parents.

Shortly after our education, we joined the workforce as soon as we could!

We learned a trade and after 3 years of trade work I got my real estate license and we have been investing in rental properties for a while now. Currently we have 3 units one of which we live in. In a lot of ways we’ve already become “adults” by most normal standards however there seems to be a large disconnect and confusion as to where we fit in society.

Most young guys my age have no problem partying and abusing substances that are slowly killing them as they blow their money on concerts, video games, substances, girls, and clothes. The best I can muster up is some gym bros. Outside of that I have a hard time befriending new people due to a high standard I set for myself.

Often times other young men find me overbearing and claim I was privileged and ignore my advice. I’d love to start a family however when I look at marriage laws I feel there’s no reasonable way I could ever pretend to be a tradcon family man with the looming threat that unless I gave my “wife” financial power over me and control over the kids (taking into account custody stats) I would have to seek surrogacy.

Marriage itself hasn’t looked stable even within Christian circles and it’s hard to see myself fitting into a christian community when I question the normal teachings of faith that had been so thoroughly taught to me as a kid. (I still have a lot of respect for Christians.)

I’ve tried dating but it honestly seems like a hopeless game seeing as how I don’t see many girls my age at all since they go to college (at least from where I’m located) and the ones that didn’t go to college seem to have bad pasts and are often involved with drugs and promiscuous behavior It’s kinda confusing because outside of the relationship/family issues I would say I’m rather successful.. I guess my question is simply how do I deal with loneliness or disconnect… and where would you go from here?

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