“Starkey” To Ancient Star-Gate Found In Sri Lanka?

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Regardless of continent, we even suspect Antarctica, you will find remnants left by an as yet, unexplored, ancient, yet clearly highly advanced civilisation.
Due to their immense age, and the enormity of time which has passed since their mysterious disappearance, only stone megaliths remain, these remarkable block structures, still allowing us to peer back, and with a bit of imagination, get a peek at just what this golden age could have possibly been like.
Many of these ancient sites, seemingly abandoned suddenly, with no damage appearing to have befallen any these sites, at the time of their vanishing act, leaving buildings half built, stones half cut still resting in the quarries, including the notoriously remote Easter island, all abruptly, and mysteriously abandoned.
The question is, where did they go?
Did they reach a point of spiritual or technological ability, that they experienced a type of rapture, ascending, or perhaps descending into another place entirely?
Perhaps, through the use of some type of portal?
Sakwala Chakraya or Ramsu Uyana, is an ancient, incredibly peculiar petroglyph.
Beneath a large boulder among the ruins of a once majestic city known as Anuradhapura, located within Sri Lanka, is what some experts have concluded, is an inscription left by someone well over 5000 years ago.
There are 2 theories concerning the meaning of the petroglyph, and rather humorously, they both make the ancient drawing an oopart.
Firstly, that is somehow an ancient map of the world, a chart, illustrating a complex knowledge of the earth…”
And secondly, and undoubtedly the most compelling, and supported by considerably more study, is that the petroglyph is a key to some form of portal, which many suspect to be a star gate.
There are no other known images similar to Sakwala Chakraya, known to any ancient cultures. In fact, there are no other known ancient images similar to Sakwala Chakraya anywhere in the World.

In 1996, researcher and historian Mihindukulasuriya Susantha Fernando, realised something amazing regarding surrounding ancient temples.
Fernando’s described his discovery within his 1997 book “Alien Mysteries in Sri Lanka and Egypt.”
Just like the great pyramids of Giza, there exists a perfect alignment of three main stupas – Mirisavatiya, Ruvanweli and Jetavana, all perfectly aligning with three stars within the constellation of Orion, namely Rigel, Alnitak and Bellatrix.
It seems, such compelling and precisely arranged features, cannot just be a mere coincidence.
The centre of the key is filled by a large circle comprising seven concentric rings, which has been translated in regard to the key theory, to represent acoustic radiation.
Who made the key of Sakwala Chakraya?
Is it really a key to a Star gate like so many now believe, is this where the builders of these ancient sites went?
We find the research to suggest such, highly compelling.



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