Something Just Happened Over New Mexico British Columbia And South Africa! 2019

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the thirdphaseofmoon YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

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Special Thanks to Christopher William Silverwood and Jeremy Wilson for sharing there videos to Thirdphaseofmoon!

Christopher William Silverwood “I was at work when this eye in the sky appeared, Just South of the I-25 In Santa Fe New Mexico at 10AM And it stayed completely still in the sky for an hour or more, It was also spewing out What look like glitter or sparks from a welder, And after an hour so it was starting to head West at about 2 miles an hour against the wind It was freaking amazing, Well there you go guys enjoy”

Jeremy Wilson “Heres The Whole Thing With A Full Zoom In !!
Surrey, British Columbia”

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