Socorro Solution–A Hoax? – A Different Perspective

Kevin Randle writes a lengthy and detailed response to Tony Bragalia’s “college student prank” explanation for Officer Lonnie Zamora’s CEIII outside of Socorro, New Mexico, on April 24, 1964. Randle scores on points, including anonymous sources and hearsay, additional witnesses, and the complete lack of details about how a hoax of this magnitude and intricacy could have been pulled off. He also instances old and new assessments by skeptics in support. On this matter Rich Reynolds posts Socorro Incident: Refutation Of The Student Prank. Jose Caravaca matches Zamora’s statements against the hoax theory, and finds the matches to be poor ones. Particularly good here is the work of William T. Powers and the “errors of bulk” that Caravaca cites, along with potential issues with theoretical hoax planning. (WM)

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