Secret space program? ‘TWO TR-3B triangle UFOs’ filmed flying out of canyon near air base

The black triangle UFO is a global phenomenon, with hundreds of sightings each years across the globe, but most in the US.

Steve Barone, a UFO hunter based near the Nellis Air Force base in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, uploads sightings to his YouTube channel UFOs in The USA and claims this footage is one of his best yet.

In the video, two apparently triangle-shaped objects appear to fly across the screen from right to left.

Mr Barone said in the video: “I set my night vision camera up to do a little sky fishing looking at the entrance of Red Rock Canyon.

“When I got the video inside and went through it slowly and was amazed towards the end of the video you see two triangle objects fly out of the canyon into the Las Vegas valley.

“If you look really close they look like little triangles and appear to have little half domes on top of them.”

He said some people had suggested there was just one with a shadow beneath, but he

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