Sea Serpents Galore! – Malcolm’s Cryptids

Malcolm Smith has compiled a whole new list of watery cryptids with which our readers are most likely unfamiliar. Continuing our watery adventure, we hear that a Researcher Eyes ‘Nessie’ for Sale. Who among our Nessie fans hasn’t wanted a plesiosaur skeleton of their very own? Gary Campbell of the Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register wants to obtain that very item, with the intention of it being put at display at Loch Ness to lessen the disappointment tourists feel when Nessie declines to make an appearance. We think She’s being a smart girl staying hidden though, in light of Dr. Beachcombing’s latest historical find. St Valery-sur-Somme Mermaid refers to a piece run in a British paper in August of 1834. If it’s true, being captured by humans is a bad thing for mermaids and sea monsters. If it was a slow-news-day kind of lie, then the editor of that paper was a very bad boy. (CM)

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