Satellite Images Show Ancient Mysterious City In Middle Of Ocean – The Independent

If real estate is about “location, location, location”, then why would someone build a city in the middle of an ocean? Certainly makes one scratch their noggin, and archaeologists are still puzzled by the discovery of Nan Madol, or The Space Between. The space between what? From Rachael Revesz’s announcement, we turn to Jason Colavito who’s disgusted how the “Daily Mail” Suggest That Nan Madol Offers Evidence For Atlantis. Dude, it’s The Daily Mail. Their audience doesn’t care. Everyone else looks askance on The Mail. For those of you curious about the threads connecting Nan Madol, Mu, and Atlantis will find Jason’s treatise illuminating. Just wish he looked a bit closer at the curiosities peppering the Pacific, like Pulemelei, Yonaguni, Gunung Padang, House of Taga, the Leluh ruins, and many more. (CS)

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