Russian Scientists Take Aim At Paranormal TV Shows – BBC

Best known for its monopoly on importing bullshit, Russia’s best and brightest are aping Randi’s Million Dollar Challenge. Except there’s no million dollars, nor rubles, to be had. Runners-up for this “anti-prize” are Mysterious Universe, Atlas Obscura, and the International Business Times, but not necessarily in that order. Thrill to Ankita Mehta’s scoop concerning a Ghost Hunter Claiming He ‘Saw Two Spirits Having Sex In Museum Toilets’. Paul Seaburn’s heard of preta, but this Organ-Eating Ghost Blamed For Deaths Of Men In Thailand is ridiculous. For those of you with a Dungeons and Dragons bent, a porb is analogous to the feared penanggalan. Meanwhile, Halloween hasn’t ended for Eric Grundhauser as he’s itching to share The Ghost Story Behind A Bucolic Catholic Retreat Center. You haven’t heard “The Legend of the Wizard Clip”, but you’re going to love it as much as we do! (CS)

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