Rob Swiatek Interview – A Different Perspective

Rob Swiatek is one of the most intelligent, careful, and solid UFO researchers active today. The Mutual UFO Network Board Member also does not lack in the courage department, as host Kevin Randle began this interview with about 25 minutes of questions about whither MUFON, especially in the wake of the controversial 2017 Symposium held at Las Vegas. Rob’s answers and opinions are frank, substantive, and to the point. Good Q&A was also had on perceived changes in types of UFO-related cases being reported, and at the end Rob noted two very similar and interesting reports that show consistency in certain less-familiar report types. Another topic of discussion was a series of photographs taken from altitude last November of what looked most like glowing objects on a New Mexican desert floor. Following up on a request from Rob, Kevin had posted them on his site prior to the Swiatek/Randle interview. In The Bernalillo “UFO”–Identified we have the diagnosis for the objects recorded in November and again more recently in a 48-second video. Here’s a good example of the salutary potential the internet has for solving anomalous sightings reports. (WM)

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