Raza Habib Raja: Global Opinion About Islam and Muslims Is Shaped by Our Own Actions

Right now the global spotlight is on extremist Muslims due to a string of incidences from Paris to Jakarta. Due to these barbaric acts perpetuated by these extremists, Muslims in general are also facing a lot of backlash, some of which is excessive. However, whereas we as Muslims are correct to complain that it is unfair to bracket ordinary Muslims with the extremists, but at the same time we need to understand that our negative reputation is not merely due to fringe organizations like ISIS but also due to our behavior in general. I am not trying to equate extremist organizations like ISIS with normal and moderate Muslims here but pointing that there are issues (though of different sort) with the latter also.

We have to realize that the world is judging our religion and us not by what is contained in the religious scripture but by the way we behave in all matters concerning religion. I am not justifying outright xenophobia and racism here, but indicating that we also share the responsibility of our…

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