Psychic Who Predicted Prince Harry’s Wedding Reckons Trump Will Be Assassinated – Metro

If Forty Five does die in office, maybe it’ll come from shooting himself in the foot. Vying for the spotlight again, Lindsay Edwards found a sympathetic ear in Rob Waugh for her k-razy predictions. Fake news, and fake predictions, aside you’ll be interested in the legitimate research concerning psi phenomena. Browsing the YouTubes, Greg Taylor’s found himself enamored with Marilyn Schlitz Eloquently Explaining Her ESP Research with Robert Lawrence Kuhn. Also David Metcalfe wandered down to North Carolina to hear Russel Targ get down to brass tacks on Remote Viewing Reality. David’s notes illustrate how this wild talent goes much deeper than mere clairvoyance. If you know someone fascinated with parapsychology this holiday season, consider contributing in their name to the Parapsychological Association. Annalisa Ventola is keen on Improving Public Access To Research In Parapsychology by digitizing their documents, making them available to the world. Access to legitimate papers and research, rather than opposed to sensationalist British tabloid pap, will legitimize this field, garnering respect among mainstream science. (CS)

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