PROOF OF NIBIRU? Video footage shows ‘first meteor from Planet X as it approaches’ Earth

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Daily Express

Nibiru or Planet X believers continue to maintain the mini solar system is about to pass the Earth next week, despite there being no evidence to support the crackpot claims.

Now, some are saying this video is evidence the legendary system is dragging with it a trail of asteroids and comets, and a small part of one of them allegedly just broke through our atmosphere.

In the video, it is suggested a bright orange object is seen falling down to Earth in Bermuda in the Pacific Ocean, reports.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube by channel Explore the World with the title: “Nibiru Planet X 2017 update – Planet X possible sighting over Bermuda.”

The channel said: “It shows a very large fireball coming out of the sky. I’ve seen similar videos by a young lady in the state of Indiana who is thought to have filmed one of the first Nibiru fly-bys.”

The channel believes the object could be debris from Planet X as it approaches the Earth and largely dismissed other theories

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