PROOF OF GHOSTS? Is this image ‘evil child ghost’ which haunted man who snapped it?

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Daily Express

Adam Ellis says the image shows the ghost he has called “Dear David” sitting staring at him in the bedroom of his New York home.

His live updates about the alleged haunting have gone viral since he started posting details on Twitter of them in August.

He claims his home is being “haunted by the ghost of a dead child” who is “trying to kill him”.

Bizarrely, he says the child spectre first appeared to him in dreams before haunting him in the real world.

He claims after taking the snap, the ghost got out of the chair and came towards his bed.


The creepy image which allegedly shows the ghost of a child.

It then climbed on the bed and chillingly began to whisper at him, he claims.

Mr Ellis said: “Last night I dreamed about him again. It was almost exactly the same as the first time I saw him.

“In the dream I saw him in a chair again. I don’t have the green chair in my room anymore – this time

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